About Omnitele

Our Way of Working


At Omnitele, we like to think that the unique way in which we work helps us to engage with our customers and deliver results. It sets us apart from the competition and gives us a strong identity in the world of telecommunications. We call it the Omnitele Way, and it reflects what we see as our key virtues: being Trusted, Intelligent and Straightforward.


Trust is at the centre of the work we do for our customers and we’ve earned it by constantly delivering results over  more than twenty years. Omnitele has successfully completed over a thousand projects in almost eighty countries, and we’ve built long-lasting  relationships by listening to our clients’ needs and keeping our promises.

Another important reason why companies come back to us is that we’re independent from all mobile network sellers, which allows us to give honest advice without any hidden agenda. New customers soon realise that we are totally focused on resolving their problems and they come to value this approach.


In order to give the right answers, it’s essential that we ask the right questions first. A key component of the Omnitele Way is using our collective intelligence to get to the bottom of a problem in as direct and succint a manner as possible.

Once we’ve established a plan of action, our team uses state-of-the-art software and tools to offer solutions tailored specifically to the customer’s problems. Technical professionals and strategy consultants of the highest calibre work closely together to get optimal results.

We recognise that our people are what give Omnitele a competitive advantage, so we ensure they have as much expertise and knowledge as possible. We are constantly working on a broard range of projects across the world, meaning that whatever challenges a new project brings, the team of consultants we deploy will be able to draw on their collective experience and know exactly what to do to ensure the customer prospers.


Omnitele may be an international company with a global presence, but some aspects of our Finnish roots inevitably come through in our working culture and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our approach brings two Finnish traits to the fore which help shape the Omnitele Way: Sisu and suoraselkäinen. These terms can be translated respectively as being determined, or having guts, and being straightforward.

We don’t hesitate in giving an honest explanation of problems that exist, or in pinpointing exactly what needs to be done to tackle them. While some concultancy companies might spend valuable time designing polished Powerpoint presentations that describe the problems in  great detail, we like to get straight down to work and start implementing the solutions we think the customer needs.

Finally, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to our existing customers for helping Omnitele become what it is today. If you are reading this as a prospective customer, I look forward to building a new relationship with you, and showing how the Omnitele Way can help revolutionise your business.

Tomi Paatsila

CEO of Omnitele